Producer and Composer from the UK. Vintage analogue recording techniques inspired and formed by vinyl culture to create new modern progressive and electronic music.

Productions can be heard under the Mr Chop guise, CHOP & CDL for Now Again Records, Drumetrics, Stones Throw Records, Jazzman Stark Reality, Jazz and Milk Records, Lex Records, Five Day Weekend and have been used by Puma, EA Games, Ford, Vans, Sony, EMI, Dos Equis, Adult Swim. Sampled by Hip Hop royalty MF DOOM, Madlib, Kids See Ghosts, Kanye West.

“An exotic menagerie of futuristic cinematic psychedelic funk, fuelled by soundtracks, electronica, avant-garde, musique concrete and library music. Performed and recorded at vintage analogue APE Studios, a repository for all things vintage”